BIND 9.2.2 and OS X Tiger Server

Paul Bertain pbertain at
Wed Nov 2 14:54:30 UTC 2005

On Nov 2, 2005, at 6:19 AM, Daniel Ström wrote:
> Hey!
> We just got a new firewall and this is the first machine i´m hooking
> up a server behind it. This server has a static internal IP of
> and also a static external IP that points to the
> firewall wich use one-to-one NAT for pointing the external adress to
> the internal. I have added the domain for this server in my
> Authorative DNS (BIND 9.2.2) that resides outside the firewall and
> everything is working fine. I have added both DNS-servers in DNS-
> settings (in the server) and i can browse and send/recieve mail fine
> but it´s this one thing that bugs me. I dont think it resolves to
> itself (at least that´s what i think it is).
> This is a Mac OS X Server 10.4 box and if anyone of you is familiar
> with Server Admin (the admin tool for os x server) it does not
> display a DNS name like my two other DNS servers does. Is that
> because it cant resolve its own domain name? If anyone can point me
> in the right direction here on how to correct this i would really
> appriciate it.
You might check /etc/hostconfig for a line that looks like the  


That file is supposed to be maintained by the system but I have  
edited that line before to get the hostname to show up.

> / Daniel


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