svc to start/stop/restart BIND

Thomas Schulz schulz at
Wed Nov 2 18:02:24 UTC 2005

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Stefan Puiu  <stefan.puiu at> wrote:
>I don't think you want to mix BIND with daemontools - in fact, the
>daemontools package is only used by djbware - tinydns, qmail, etc. If you
>don't have any of that left, I think you can safely get rid of that (svc is
>part of daemontools).
>With BIND it depends on where you got the package from and on your platform,
>too. Usually you'll have a script in /etc/init.d, like /etc/init.d/named,
>and you would use '/etc/init.d/named start' or '/etc/init.d/named stop' for
>starting/stopping it.
>On 11/2/05, Raj <sunfire2005 at> wrote:
>> Has anyone tried svc to start/stop/restart BIND DNS. I used to do this
>> on tinydns. I am going to replace tinydns with BIND9 soon. I was
>> wondering if it possible to do that on BIND. If someone has
>> implimented svc on BIND (solaris 8 or 9) please give me your
>> suggestions like how it can be done.
>> Thanks.

You may find out that you do not need to stop and start bind.  Bind comes
with the rndc utility, and you can use that reload configuration files
and zones and such.
Tom Schulz
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