svc to start/stop/restart BIND

Raj sunfire2005 at
Thu Nov 3 03:30:59 UTC 2005

Yes we can use rndc to reload the configuration files and restart
BIND. But I would like to implement svc on BIND if there is a way.

On 11/3/05, Thomas Schulz <schulz at> wrote:
> In article <dkagl5$244b$1 at>,
> Stefan Puiu  <stefan.puiu at> wrote:
> >I don't think you want to mix BIND with daemontools - in fact, the
> >daemontools package is only used by djbware - tinydns, qmail, etc. If you
> >don't have any of that left, I think you can safely get rid of that (svc
> is
> >part of daemontools).
> >With BIND it depends on where you got the package from and on your
> platform,
> >too. Usually you'll have a script in /etc/init.d, like /etc/init.d/named,
> >and you would use '/etc/init.d/named start' or '/etc/init.d/named stop'
> for
> >starting/stopping it.
> >
> >On 11/2/05, Raj <sunfire2005 at> wrote:
> >>
> >> Has anyone tried svc to start/stop/restart BIND DNS. I used to do this
> >> on tinydns. I am going to replace tinydns with BIND9 soon. I was
> >> wondering if it possible to do that on BIND. If someone has
> >> implimented svc on BIND (solaris 8 or 9) please give me your
> >> suggestions like how it can be done.
> >> Thanks.
> You may find out that you do not need to stop and start bind.  Bind comes
> with the rndc utility, and you can use that reload configuration files
> and zones and such.
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> Tom Schulz
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