two nameserver, two ip, one host problem.

Glen Pakosch glen.bind at
Wed Nov 9 21:47:25 UTC 2005

> The reason for requiring two nameservers is redundancy -- if one server
> fails, the other will still be up.  Running two nameservers on the same
> machine provides little redundancy.
Yes, we know. And as far I have heard the people who required from us
to have two nameservers know too. But rules are rules ...
One Correction of what I wrote:
query-source adress * 53;

 controls {
inet port 953 allow { localhost; };
We can change the 953 to 954 but a change of the 53 to 54 (or somthing
else) will be ignored. The problem than occurs because both
nameservers listen locally. We think for the asterix you can insert an
ip so we tried the but than we get an error message. I am
not very comfortable with the asterix version anyway because I can't
see how someone can address our nameserver if it listens on another
than the standard port.
So now we try to specify the ports direct in the listen on line of the
config OR we disallow one of the nameservers to listen locally ... or
we produce some bogus. :-)

Does anyone here know how to use ip's in the query-source line and/or
ports in the listen on line?

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