two nameserver, two ip, one host problem.

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Wed Nov 9 01:48:32 UTC 2005

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 Glen Pakosch <glen.bind at> wrote:

> Hello
> Here is Glen in the name of Sven trying to make the problem clearer.
> It is requested from us to have two nameservers for our ip's. We have just
> one (physical) server so the two nameservers have to run on the same
> machine.

The reason for requiring two nameservers is redundancy -- if one server 
fails, the other will still be up.  Running two nameservers on the same 
machine provides little redundancy.

Anyway, if you're just trying to provide the illusion of two machines, 
you don't need to run two nameservers on the machine.  By default, BIND 
will listen on all the machine's IP's.  So configure an IP alias on the 
NIC, and don't bother with any listen-on options in the named.conf.  As 
far as anyone will be able to tell, you have two nameservers.

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