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> Background:
> My website is hosted externally at an ISP. I run bind on a Solaris 8
> machine on my local lan, mostly so that desktop PCs can find services
> on several Solaris machines. I'm in the process of switching webhosting
> ISPs, so I'm right about at the 48 hour window.
> Problem:
> Several apps on my Solaris machines don't seem to be able to resolve
> URLs. They seem to want to find my domain. Dig and nslookup return the
> correct IPs, but even they aren't entirely good. For example:
> dig -> works
> dig -> no servers could be reached.
> dig @ -> works

I suspect you have something ahead of dns in your nsswitch.conf.  The 
generic name service switch (i.e. the gethostbyname() function) is used 
for resolving the name after @ in a dig command.

> I believe it has something to do with my domain because:
> wget states:
> Connecting to|xx.xx.xx.xx.|:80 ... connected. Then errors Not
> Found.
> That xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP for the machine hosting my website. If I use
> yahoo's IP address wget works.

Again, the name service switch is used to resolve hostnames, and it's 
using something else before trying DNS.

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