Bind9 error on IPv6

Lasse Mølgaard molgaard at
Wed Nov 16 10:44:08 UTC 2005


Im trying to run a DNS server on a pure ipv6 network using bind9.

So far I've managed to get my DNS server to resolve both FQDN to ipv6 
address, and getting reverse lookup to work when quering my DNS server 
when using "dig @::1 FQDN" and "dig @::1 -x <ipv6 address>".

However when i try to connect to my server through my eth0 interface i 
get: "connection timed out; no servers could be reached".

Looking in my log i find these three lines:

--- SNIP ---

named[5686]: socket.c:1115: unexpected error:
named[5686]: internal_send: <client ipv6#port>: Invalid argument
named[5686]: client <client ipv6#port>: error sending response: invalid file

--- SNIP ---

Any of you guys knows what is wrong - or how to solve it?

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