Bind9 error on IPv6

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Nov 16 22:14:37 UTC 2005

> Hi!
> Im trying to run a DNS server on a pure ipv6 network using bind9.

	Well what version of BIND 9 are you talking about?  This
	is like saying "I am driving a Ford something" where something
	is a model that has been released for multiple years.
> So far I've managed to get my DNS server to resolve both FQDN to ipv6 
> address, and getting reverse lookup to work when quering my DNS server 
> when using "dig @::1 FQDN" and "dig @::1 -x <ipv6 address>".
> However when i try to connect to my server through my eth0 interface i 
> get: "connection timed out; no servers could be reached".
> Looking in my log i find these three lines:

	No, you don't find these three lines.

	If you want help don't mangle the diagnostics.  You have no
	idea about what is / is not significant so don't stuff around
	with them.
> --- SNIP ---
> named[5686]: socket.c:1115: unexpected error:
> named[5686]: internal_send: <client ipv6#port>: Invalid argument
> named[5686]: client <client ipv6#port>: error sending response: invalid file
> --- SNIP ---
> Any of you guys knows what is wrong - or how to solve it?

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