Use bind with SSL ?

Brad Knowles brad at
Wed Nov 16 18:14:41 UTC 2005

At 9:28 AM +0100 2005-11-16, Noc Phibee wrote:

>  Now i want add 2 servers for secondary name server and i have two
>  questions :
>  1- The Zone transfert Master to Slave can use SSL for crypt the transfert ?

	Not as part of the standard zone transfer, no.  You could use 
rsync over ssh if you like, but then you'd have to configure both 
boxes as masters.

>  2- Can i said to slave server of automatiquely add a new zone when the
>  master
>  notifiy a new domains ?.

	No, not as a part of the standard DNS protocol.

>  Actually, the master sent the notify and if i don't have add manually
>  into the /etc/named.conf
>  of the secondary, he reject it.

	That's the way it is supposed to work.

	Now, you could also set up rsync over ssh for the /etc/named.conf 
file, and configure both sets of machines as "masters", but that's 
not part of the standard DNS protocol.  Moreover, if the rsync 
process were to fail, you could be left in a really bad situation.

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