Master file not found

Udo Zumdick uz at
Mon Nov 21 13:20:28 UTC 2005

Hi Mike,

I am sure that the described problem does not depend on  the interface
configuration. So there must be another issue that maybe appears
simultaneously (Murphy is greeting ;-)

> I also ran named with -u named -g to run bind in foreground but again
> had permissions problems.  Again I wouder about permissions but have
> checked and rechecked all the files I have modified and all are 644 and
> owned by named and group is named.

An information about the behavior of named running as root (without -u named)
would be very helpful. Does the problem appear then too ? 
If, please post the exact error message.
Are there any other errors ?

Posting the relevant part of your named.conf (options with path env) would also
be helpful.


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