Master file not found mike at
Sat Nov 19 18:57:30 UTC 2005

I set up a dns server on my Fedora Core 2 Linux box to serve my local
network.  When I set the network up all my IP addresses were assigned
by a DHCP server inside my Linksys Wireless-G cable router with NAT
enabled.  I got everything working so at that point I converted my DSN
server machine to a static IP (I had a static range reserved already).
I made the required modifications to my zone files and booted.

Now bind can't find my zone files.  There was not a change to bind.
The IP switch had no problems only this wierd zone file loading
problem.  I have tried many things to isolate the problem to no avail.

I switched back to the origional IP (just assigned it staticly), should
I revert back to DHCP?  That doesn't seem relevent.

I added -d 5 to my options and there is a permissions problem with  This is very interesting but I can seem to solve this
problem either.  It also makes me wonder if there is a permissions
issue in some other file I don't know about.

I am not running as chroot so thats out.  I can't believe changing from
from DHCP to a static IP would put me in chroot mode.

I know there is a simple answer, some file that needs to change or its
permissions change.

I also ran named with -u named -g to run bind in foreground but again
had permissions problems.  Again I wouder about permissions but have
checked and rechecked all the files I have modified and all are 644 and
owned by named and group is named.

Any help would be appreciated.


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