HowTo setup a standard zone?

Alexandros Gougousoudis dros at
Mon Nov 21 15:28:11 UTC 2005


I run bind9 (Debian Sarge) which manages several zones. The system runs 
good. All important servers are in one zone. Lets say my-servers.local.

Normally you need a computername and a dns suffix to resolve a name into 
its number. Which is

Whether server1 is wanted, the suffix must be IMHO present. The suffix 
must be set in the client software.

We have a lot of Windows clients, where the dns suffix is not set. Now I 
can run around and set the suffix by hand.

Is it somehow possible to make bind9 assume a standard-zone like 
my-servers.local, if no suffix is given by the client?

Yes, I looked around in the net, and didn't find what I need! :-)


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