HowTo setup a standard zone?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Nov 21 22:14:49 UTC 2005

Alexandros Gougousoudis wrote:

>I run bind9 (Debian Sarge) which manages several zones. The system runs 
>good. All important servers are in one zone. Lets say my-servers.local.
>Normally you need a computername and a dns suffix to resolve a name into 
>its number. Which is
>Whether server1 is wanted, the suffix must be IMHO present. The suffix 
>must be set in the client software.
>We have a lot of Windows clients, where the dns suffix is not set. Now I 
>can run around and set the suffix by hand.
>Is it somehow possible to make bind9 assume a standard-zone like 
>my-servers.local, if no suffix is given by the client?
>Yes, I looked around in the net, and didn't find what I need! :-)
No, the task of qualifying the domain name is squarely the 
responsibility of the client. BIND has no mechanism to "guess" at what 
domain the client really wanted -- if a query comes in with only one 
label, BIND will assume that the name is in the root zone or possibly a 
TLD. It would be dangerous and complex to make any other assumption.

Having said that, why would you need to "set the suffix by hand" on all 
of these Windows clients? Aren't they getting configured by DHCP? Hand 
them a proper suffix from DHCP and they'll use it. (Yes, I'm getting a 
little off-topic here, since this isn't a DHCP list...)

                                          - Kevin

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