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Tue Nov 22 20:02:37 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 2005-November-22 11:35, Greg Zill wrote:
> Is there any way to rescue a BIND 9.2.3 SuSE system after
> accidentally deleting the nested /var under /var/lib/named?

Did that have your zone data? If so, is there a slave? Get the zones 
from your slave, either axfr or copy the zone files. If named is still 
running, axfr the zones from it before it crashes (I'm guessing it 
might crash with zone files deleted ... not sure.)

If your zones ARE slaves on this, no worries, named will retrieve them 
from the master when it starts again.

If you only had the localhost and zones, again no 
worries, those are static and can be gotten from your distribution.

> Please advise.

If none of the above conditions apply, you are in Mr. Murphy's grasp.
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