Bind9 with changing IPv6 address

Steven LatrŽe steven.latre at
Wed Nov 30 13:22:00 UTC 2005

I have a perfectly working bind9 server that supports TSIG. There's 
something very specific about this server and that is that it's 
IP-address can change from time to time (why? well it's rather 
complicated but it is intended and must stay like that).

Now lets say that the DNS server has an initial IP of 
fd4f:bfaf:83cd:1::fe, then I can perfectly make a connection. But when 
the IP address changes to fd4f:bfaf:83cd:2::fe I get a connection 
refused (even with telnet). Is there a way to solve this so that I can 
still connect to the server?

Restarting named helps but that will give me a lot of overhead. Besides 
I don't think it's possible to remotely restart named.

Thanks in advance for your effort!


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