Bind9 with changing IPv6 address

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Nov 30 20:11:49 UTC 2005

> I have a perfectly working bind9 server that supports TSIG. There's 
> something very specific about this server and that is that it's 
> IP-address can change from time to time (why? well it's rather 
> complicated but it is intended and must stay like that).
> Now lets say that the DNS server has an initial IP of 
> fd4f:bfaf:83cd:1::fe, then I can perfectly make a connection. But when 
> the IP address changes to fd4f:bfaf:83cd:2::fe I get a connection 
> refused (even with telnet). Is there a way to solve this so that I can 
> still connect to the server?
> Restarting named helps but that will give me a lot of overhead. Besides 
> I don't think it's possible to remotely restart named.
> Thanks in advance for your effort!
> Steven

	Have some local process notice the addresses have changed
	and reload or reconfig named via rndc over ::1.  This will
	cause the interfaces to be rescanned.  You need to be running
	as root on most OS for this to be successful as named uses
	a reserved port.

	Under Linux w/ capabilities we keep the ability to bind(2)
	to reserved ports.

	Some other OS's have the ability to specify a particular
	user can bind to particular ports.

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