dDNS was working, quit.

edavid3001 at gmail.com edavid3001 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 19:11:43 UTC 2005

Well, I think I've fixed it.

Previously the DHCP servers were sending the dDNS updates, as well as
the XP/2000 clients.  Not the NT4 clients.    For most clients direct
DDNS updates are prohibited on our network, they must be done by the
DHCP server - except many remote locations using Cisco DHCP server
which doesn't have dDNS.  But those many locations account for a small
percentage of clients.

Anyway, after upgrading I have to put deny client-updates; in the dhcp
configuration file.  Not sure why now becomes a requirement, but it
seems to be working.

>>Also, when I start bind the server doesn't give the error "zone soandso
>>allows updates by ip which is insecure"
Still confused on this one.  This is actually being logged, but in the
wrong log file.  I have DNS configured to go to local1 and record ALL.
 But for some reason it's not going there.  Though it is going into
another log file.

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