recursion and forward zones

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Sat Apr 1 01:32:06 UTC 2006

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 "Jack Tavares" <j.tavares at> wrote:

> I figured if I explicitly declared a zone as forwarding
> or a slave, that that would override the recursion.

Why would you expect that?  Do you mean that if you had an 
allow-recursion statement that listed the only clients who were allowed 
to request recursion, you'd expect it to ignore it?  "recursion no" is 
just a shorthand for "allow-recursion { none; }".

The way to think about forwarding zones and global forwarders statements 
is that they simply tell the server to query specific IP's rather than 
(or ahead of) the delegation records *if* it needs to recurse.  But when 
recursion is disabled, this "if" doesn't apply.

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