named logging

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Apr 4 22:05:11 UTC 2006

You need to give a better description than "just dies". Is the named 
process aborting? Core-dumping? If that's what you mean by "die", then 
you've somehow run across a serious bug and you need to report it 
immediately to ISC (assuming you're running the latest version of BIND, 
of course; if you're not, then upgrade and you may find that the problem 
goes away). In this case, I would not be surprised that there is no 
logging of the error, since the event which triggers the crash is so 
abrupt and unexpected, there probably isn't any way to get an error 
message out to the log.

On the other hand, by "just dies", you mean that the zone isn't loaded, 
then there *should* be an error message in the log, even with just the 
"default" category. You've mapped named's syslog messages to the 
"local2" facility, however, so they probably won't show up in any of the 
"standard" logfiles (e.g. /var/adm/messages, /var/log/messages, or 
whatever is normal on your OS platform), and you'd need some extra 
configuration in syslog.conf (or the equivalent conf file for your 
syslog daemon) in order to capture those messages somewhere.


mjsager at wrote:

>I've run into a problem with logging. If I start up bind when there is
>a problem with the zone file, it just dies without logging what the
>problem is to the log file. On our Solaris machines, it would tell you
>what line had the problem. Any ideas what I've done wrong?
>logging {
>        channel local2_syslog {
>                syslog local2;
>                severity info;
>                print-category yes;
>                print-severity yes;
>                print-time no;
>        };
>        channel named-queries {
>                file "/var/log/hostmast/named-queries" versions 2 size
>                severity dynamic;
>                print-category yes;
>                print-severity yes;
>                print-time yes;
>        };
>        category default { local2_syslog; };
>        category queries { named-queries; };
>        category lame-servers { null; };

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