This is for you Mark Andrews

Tom Thomas-911 at
Fri Apr 7 01:54:28 UTC 2006

On Wed, 25 May 2005 10:55:30 +0200, Per Engelbrecht <per at>

>Hi Mark and hi list
>This is off topic but ...
>I've been on this list a little on and off (depending on my line of 
>work) since when people discussed pros and cons in the transition 
>between a patched BIND4 and the new BIND8 i.e. a while back.
>One thing that strikes me is your ability to answer the same questions 
>on all levels (beginner >< intermediate >< expert) over and over aging 
>without being grumpy - you always explain in a clear and usefull manner. 
>I know your relation, but that's not the issue.
>For what's it worth Mark, your are doing a brilliant job. Keep it up.
>per at

I'm new to this particular group and I am really in way over my head
due to my own ignorance about networking .. so I will try to lurk and
learn. Although a few days old, this complementary posting made my
day, heck ... my whole week!! (I don't get out enough! LOL)

Sharing knowledge makes the short list of ultimate gifts. Closely
followed by kindness of recognition. I say "bravo" to both Mark and

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