DNS Load Balancing

fritz-bayer at web.de fritz-bayer at web.de
Fri Apr 7 09:03:53 UTC 2006


I'm a java developer and I'm planning a java server application cluster
with tomcat, which will HTTP requests on port 80.

The most important thing is the load balancing, as only cluster can
handle the heavy load, which we expect. That's why I would like to use
DNS load balancing, as it's easy to set up.

Because the application is only always used for an hour or more, but
then very heavily and not all all at other times, the Time Alive has to
be set to zero or maybe a minute, so that yo get fairly often a a new

However, I have read that the problem with this might be, that you need
more dns servers, because the load on the dns server increases heavily.

Can somebody tell me how many connection requests would cause a load
problem for a dns server? We are hosting dedicated servers at a big
provider in germany, who is very reliable.

So whats the maximum of connection requests per second?


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