DNS Load Balancing

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Mon Apr 10 15:56:17 UTC 2006


Just for information : 
- about www.google.com & www.google.fr

www.google.fr.          16h17m34s IN CNAME  www.google.com.
www.google.com.         3d16h17m34s IN CNAME  www.l.google.com.
www.l.google.com.       5M IN A
www.l.google.com.       5M IN A

Google use a round robin of 5 minutes.

- about max connection to DNS servers.
Our B2C DNS structure receive (depend of hours) from 6000 to 9000 connections per second

- regarding Load Balancing.
As for me the best way is to use load balancing even if it's software load balancing...You're going toward problems using such a low TTL level



Le samedi 8 avril 2006 à 08:56:46, vous écriviez :

fbwd> Hi Kevin, first of all I'm new to the subject and just asking. And it
fbwd> actually did not occur to me.

fbwd> I'm also not sure if it really matters, since the load is not going to
fbwd> be that big after all, because the application will run only 4 times a
fbwd> month and than for only an hour.

fbwd> And I have heard that Google is actually using DNS load balancing to
fbwd> distribute the load.

fbwd> Anyway, do you know of any other solution besides a hardware load
fbwd> balancer?

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