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Thu Apr 13 03:50:42 UTC 2006

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> Hello, I am having a problem with a new installation of BIND 9.3.2
> running on Win2k server. I am hosting a master zone for both forward
> and reverse lookup. The forward lookup is working fine, and is
> replicating successfully to a slave server. I can't get reverse to work
> at all, when I do an NSLOOKUP to this box I get the error "can't find
> server failed"
> I have read through the ISC BIND Administrator's manual which doesn't
> seem to address my problem. The examples they provide include a reverse
> mapping for the loopback address - is this required? I cannot seem to
> find any good references to file formats for BIND file formats on
> Win2k.
> My reverse file looks like this:
> $TTL 900
> @		SOA

Is that really your whole SOA record?  If so, you should have gotten an 
error when in the Event Log when BIND tried to load this zone.  An SOA 
record has 7 fields after SOA.  The SOA record in the reverse zone 
should look similar to the one in the forward zone.

> @		NS
> @		NS
> 42		PTR
> and, the relevant section of my named.conf looks like this:
> zone "" {
> 	type master;
> 	file "1.2.3.rev";
> 	allow-transfer {
> 	};
> };

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