Altering PTR-Records from Win-Server

Holger Honert holger.honert at
Wed Apr 12 08:09:09 UTC 2006

Hi List,

AFAIK the dyn. registration from Win2k (and newer) -servers looks as

deleteing all A-Records matching the server-name -> deleting all
PTR-Records matching server-ip -> inserting A and PTR -Records !
But what happens when the server changes his IP?
The A-record will be updated but the old PTR-Record is not changed, i.e.
remains until another/new server with the old IP will register himself.

Is there a chance (e.g. a reg-key) to tell the server if he is going
down for a reboot, to delete his PTR-record?

Has anybody run into similar probs?

Thx in advance


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