Altering PTR-Records from Win-Server

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> Hi List,
> AFAIK the dyn. registration from Win2k (and newer) -servers looks as
> follows:
> deleteing all A-Records matching the server-name -> deleting all
> PTR-Records matching server-ip -> inserting A and PTR -Records !
> But what happens when the server changes his IP?
> The A-record will be updated but the old PTR-Record is not changed, i.e.
> remains until another/new server with the old IP will register himself.
> Is there a chance (e.g. a reg-key) to tell the server if he is going
> down for a reboot, to delete his PTR-record?
> Has anybody run into similar probs?
> Thx in advance
> Holger
"Control Panel" -> "Administrative Tools" -> "DHCP" ->
Right click your server -> "properties" -> "DNS"

Everything you need is there.

But you won't want to delete the record when the PC is going down,
because you'll than need to have plenty of DNS revision numbers,
plus a lot of background noises.

And you clients won't know immediately anyway because of DNS caching.

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