Journal errors

Phillip preeves1 at
Mon Apr 17 14:26:17 UTC 2006

We have Bind 9.2.3 running on RHE3.   Our redhat servers are slaves to
windows servers.  The errors that are piling up in our logs are as

named[27177]: malformed transaction: last serial
20065 != transaction first serial 20064
named[27177]: transfer of '' from #53:
failed while receiving responses: unexpected error
named[27177]: transfer of '' from end
of transfer
named[27177]: zone transferred serial 20065

These are the only errors or warnings that we recieve in our logs and
we get about 50 a day.  Not a big deal but getting annoying.  Ive been
searching for the past few weeks for the answer to this question
myself.   I read a little and it says that jnl files are created on a
BIND server that permits IXFR transfers to reduce network traffic.
These files are created when a primary server announces that an update
has been made.  The jnl files hold for 15 minutes (I think) waiting on
any more updates and then once the time expires BIND attempts to merge
the changes into the existing db file on the slave server.  When I
monitored the changes I would look at the Windows servers and notice
that they might make 2 or 3 changes per 15 minutes, maybe more.  Every
change it would update the jnl file with an updated SOA.  All this
makes sense to me even the message...

"named[27177]: malformed transaction: last serial
20065 != transaction first serial 20064"

However I dont understand why it errors in the updating of the db
record after this and surely it has nothing to do with the diff in
SOAs.  I was wondering if this was a bug in BIND 9.2.X


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