Not resolving name locally

jaredbangs at jaredbangs at
Sat Apr 15 17:39:17 UTC 2006

I'm pretty new to bind, so I'm sure there's just something I'm
overlooking, but....

I've got record for a domain (let's say, pointing to an
address ( for example)

When I change this record to point to, an interesting
phenomenon occurs. If I do a dig from anywhere external to the DNS
server (like from the change shows up correctly (pointing

However, if I do a dig *on* the DNS server, it still comes back with
the original address

I can create a new record in the same file (, for example)
pointing to the new address and that works both externally and on the
DNS server itself. But for some reason the change to the original
record does not seem to get picked up for queries from the server

This seems to be causing me issues with my web server running on that
box, so I'm hoping that someone out there can point out what I'm doing

After I change the zone file, I'm just restarting BIND. Is there
something else that I need to be doing?


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