Not resolving name locally

Peter Dambier peter at
Mon Apr 17 16:30:06 UTC 2006

There should be a file /etc/hosts/resolv.conf.

Mine says

# nameserver

Yours shold have your own server or your local host.

Peter and Karin

jaredbangs at wrote:
> I'm pretty new to bind, so I'm sure there's just something I'm
> overlooking, but....
> I've got record for a domain (let's say, pointing to an
> address ( for example)
> When I change this record to point to, an interesting
> phenomenon occurs. If I do a dig from anywhere external to the DNS
> server (like from the change shows up correctly (pointing
> to
> However, if I do a dig *on* the DNS server, it still comes back with
> the original address
> I can create a new record in the same file (, for example)
> pointing to the new address and that works both externally and on the
> DNS server itself. But for some reason the change to the original
> record does not seem to get picked up for queries from the server
> itself.
> This seems to be causing me issues with my web server running on that
> box, so I'm hoping that someone out there can point out what I'm doing
> wrong.
> After I change the zone file, I'm just restarting BIND. Is there
> something else that I need to be doing?
> Thanks,
> JB

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