DNS dynamic updates do not propgate to new BIND 9.2.3 erver

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Tue Apr 18 22:55:00 UTC 2006

bob_a_booie wrote:

>DNS gurus:
>I am configuring a DNS server running BIND 9.2.3 on the new server
>dnsprd1 is the master DNS server for test1.com zone
>The new server  is a slave to the internal DNS server and configured
>identicaly to slave server dnsprd2 with the exception of being on a
>dnsprd2 has been working fine so I basicaly copied over the
>to dnsprd4 and the zone files where transfered over when named came up.
>DNS dynamic updates do not propgate to this new server
>further upon testing the following is noted
>Note: dnsprd2 and dsnprd1 are on the same subnet but dnsprd4 is on a
>remote network
>There is a firewall  between the 2 networks
>If I run  this nslookup command from dnsprd4 command line:
>#nslookup  test123.test.com dnsprd1.test1.com
>** server can't find test123: NXDOMAIN
>If I run  this nslookup command from dnsprd4 command line I get the
>correct result:
>#nslookup  test123.test.com dnsprd2.test1.com
>test123.test1.com   canonical name = dpc123.test1.com.
>Name:   dpc123.test1.com
>Address: x.x.x.x
>however if I run  this nslookup command from dnsprd2 command line I
>also I get the correct result:
>#nslookup  test123.test.com dnsprd1.test1.com
>The problem of not receiving Dynamic updates occurs in mor then 1 DNS
Since you haven't shown any queries against dnsprd4, how do you come to 
the conclusion that changes are not propagating to that slave server? 
All you've shown is that the "nslookup" command, which sucks and often 
misreports errors, gives an NXDOMAIN result for a particular lookup 
originating from dnsprd4, even though the name to be looked up _should_ 
be resolvable in your environment. At the very least, use -debug on the 
nslookup command line to see what it's really doing behind the scenes. 
Even better, use a real DNS troubleshooting tool like "dig".

                                             - Kevin

P.S. You seem to have some confusion over terminology. Dynamic Update is 
a protocol extension involving clients (e.g. DHCP servers) updating a 
master nameserver. This is just *one* way that updates can be made to 
the DNS database. Zone Transfer, on the other hand, is the 
protocol-defined way for changes to replicate from a master server to 
one or more slave servers. You seem to be mixing those up as if they 
were interchangeable concepts.

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