Name resolution problem for

M V Ajay (vMoksha) Ajay.MV at
Wed Apr 26 11:49:59 UTC 2006

Dear All:
My Trend Viruswall proxy on Solaris 8 is not able to connect to the server eventhough name resolution happens and there is no
connectivity issue.

I could see that is actually a CNAME for
* I feel the connectivity issue is due to having '
* ' in address record of the site.

Having ' * ' in address records is accepted one? or is that a non-standard
DNS entry?

Default Server:  xxxx
Address:  x.x.x.x

Server:  xxxx.
Address:  x.x.x.x

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    *

Thanks in advance for the reply.


M V Ajay

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