Journal errors

Phillip preeves1 at
Fri Apr 28 14:34:28 UTC 2006

I finally figured out our errors.  Im not sure why or how this happened
but it did.  I began doing a tcpdump of the DNS transactions between
the BIND servers and the master Window servers.  I imported the file
into ethereal and began compaing it to the errors in /var/log/messages
on the bind server.  What I found at first confused me.  From what I
could see, the BIND server was periodically requesting mulitiple copies
of the same IXFR.  This would then cause the malformed transaction
errors.  After thinking about it for a while i thought to myself that
it was acting like two versions of bind was running at the sametime.
So I decided to do a ps -ef | grep named on the system.  Guess what,
two PID's for bind running!  I decided to restart the server and then
checked named again and only one was running.  Not one malformed error
in almost a day!  So basically the two BIND processes were sharing and
attempting to update the same bind files.

Im really not sure how this happened but I will probably speak with our
systems group about it.


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