Server can't resolve names on itself

Jose.Dr.G at Jose.Dr.G at
Fri Feb 3 18:35:04 UTC 2006


I'm using BIND on FC4. My machine is a primary DNS server for a forward
domain and 3 reverse domains.

For some reason the forward name lookups don't resolve but, the reverse
do. If I do

$> nslookup somehost

I get...

** server can't find junkbond: NXDOMAIN

my /etc/resolv.conf file points to the local server and search is set
to my domain.

This is part of my named.conf file(modified for public eyes, of

zone "icd.uc.ed" {
type master;
file "";
check-names ignore;
allow-query {any;};
allow-transfer {; };
allow-update {; };
notify yes;


Also, I have a secondary server that has pretty much the same config
for the domain and it
resolves the forward name queries fine....

I've also tried removing the firewall with no luck so it's not that

Also, How do you set logging to log queries? At the moment it only logs
zone transfers.

Any ideas?


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