Server can't resolve names on itself

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Sat Feb 4 02:58:21 UTC 2006

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> Hi,
> I'm using BIND on FC4. My machine is a primary DNS server for a forward
> domain and 3 reverse domains.
> For some reason the forward name lookups don't resolve but, the reverse
> do. If I do
> $> nslookup somehost
> I get...
> ** server can't find junkbond: NXDOMAIN

Weird -- the name in the error isn't even close to the name you used in 
the command.  (No, you don't have to respond -- I'm not really so dense 
that I don't realize that you tried to obfuscate the name.)

> my /etc/resolv.conf file points to the local server and search is set
> to my domain.

Does it work if you specify the domain explicitly?  If you've been 
reading this list for any period of time, haven't you learned that 
nslookup is a LOUSY debugging tool.  Use dig so that you can see 
precisely what query is being sent and what the response is, and not 
depend on automatic behavior like appending a domain suffix.  So what 

dig junkbond.icd.uc.ed


> Also, How do you set logging to log queries? At the moment it only logs
> zone transfers.

Enable the "queries" logging category in named.conf.

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