The use of cross-TLD nameservers

Rob Stampfli restamp at
Fri Feb 3 19:46:29 UTC 2006

I have several domains under .org, and maintain my own
nameservers, also under the .org TLD.  Recently, I had
the opportunity to add a third server under the .com
TLD.  Initially, I thought this would provide better
access, but now I'm not so sure:  Some DNS sites that
calculate "DNS quality" claim that the .com DNS causes
the average lookup time to increase because there is
not glue record for it in the top level .org nameservers,
and thus a separate lookup has to be done to access it.
However, the top level .org nameservers still pass back
the glue records for my .org DNSs, so it would seem to
me a reasonable DNS would first try my .org DNSs, using
IP addresses proffered by the top level .org nameserver,
and only resort to my .com DNS should the others fail.

So, is it a "bad thing" (tm) to have nameservers for
a domain that span multiple TLDs or not?

Thanks in advance,

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