question regarding "glue domains"

John MacKenzie john at
Sat Feb 4 00:04:16 UTC 2006

Hi there, 

I have my domains registered through 1and1 , and curently have my dns
hosted with valueweb. 

I had valueweb create a record for ns1.mydomain about 30 hours ago, and
i can ping it from my home machine.

however when I try to change my primary to ns1.mydomain with 1and1, I am
told :

Subdomains of the original domainname as name servers for the original
domainname need a fixed IP! Please refer to the FAQ (keyword: Glue

Surely this is what i accomplished by having valueweb create th entry on
their primary?

Is it possibly due to the address not propagating fully yet?

also, I read somewhere that the reverse ip lookup MUST say ns1.mydomain

is this true?

Basically I'm wondering is there something I don't know about that i
have failed to do in order to make this happen. 

- John

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