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> Hi there, 
> I have my domains registered through 1and1 , and curently have my dns
> hosted with valueweb. 
> I had valueweb create a record for ns1.mydomain about 30 hours ago, and
> i can ping it from my home machine.
> however when I try to change my primary to ns1.mydomain with 1and1, I am
> told :
> Subdomains of the original domainname as name servers for the original
> domainname need a fixed IP! Please refer to the FAQ (keyword: Glue
> domain)!
> Surely this is what i accomplished by having valueweb create th entry on
> their primary?

No, the glue record has to be in the PARENT zone.  What if valueweb's 
server were down, how would someone get the address of ns1.mydomain?

> Is it possibly due to the address not propagating fully yet?

DNS information doesn't really "propagate".  It just sits on 
authoritative servers, waiting for other servers to look it up when they 
need it.

> also, I read somewhere that the reverse ip lookup MUST say ns1.mydomain
> is this true?

No.  DNS requires that forward_lookup(reverse_lookup(address) == 
address, but doesn't require that reverse_lookup(forward_lookup(name)) 
== name.

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