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The Faq referred to in the error for 1and1 reads :

What is a Glue Domain? 

If your Name Server is in the same zone as your domain it is called a
Glue Domain.
A glue record is an A Record that specifies the address of the server.

For example, if the NameServer(DNS) for was then the NS record would look like this,
but you will 
also need to have the following A record.  IN    NS    IN    A

To do this, please create a subdomain "" and
assign an 
IP Address to it. Once the IP Address has propogated you can assign 
"" as the DNS for your domain 

Barry Margolin, in reply to my original post,  refers to the PARENT
zone. Is this parent zone , the mydomain zone?

Or is it something more? 

Currently my Primary and secondary hosts are the valueweb servers

And the Ns1.mydomain record is in the mydomain zone on those servers.

I apologise for my ignorance , but the prior dns work I have done always
involved maintaining an already in place nameserver, and my last time
doing anything with DNS was over 6 years ago. 

The reason I need to start my own now is that valuweb refuse to create
spf records for my domain(s)

- John


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Hi there, 

I have my domains registered through 1and1 , and curently have my dns
hosted with valueweb. 

I had valueweb create a record for ns1.mydomain about 30 hours ago, and
i can ping it from my home machine.

however when I try to change my primary to ns1.mydomain with 1and1, I am
told :

Subdomains of the original domainname as name servers for the original
domainname need a fixed IP! Please refer to the FAQ (keyword: Glue

Surely this is what i accomplished by having valueweb create th entry on
their primary?

Is it possibly due to the address not propagating fully yet?

also, I read somewhere that the reverse ip lookup MUST say ns1.mydomain

is this true?

Basically I'm wondering is there something I don't know about that i
have failed to do in order to make this happen. 

- John

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