question regarding "glue domains"

John MacKenzie john at
Sat Feb 4 04:48:52 UTC 2006

Hi dan, 

1and1 schlund etc are all part of a large german operation by the name
of United Internet. 

I pay 1and1, my DNS control panel is with 1and1. 

I emailed hostmaser@ schlund+partner , maybe that'll do it.

As far as changing DNS, I go to 1and1, edit dns, it asks me for my
nameservers by name only, no place to enter an ip.

I enter as primary as

It spews out  an error that reads : Subdomains of the original
domainname as name servers for the original domainname need a fixed IP!

I thought I had already created a fixed IP by creating the A record in
my current nameservers zone for my domain.

The 1and1 support is outsourced to the philippines, so maybe their
support just doesn't understand my request.

I was told that they couldn't create subdomains for me due to the
package I was part of, the only strictly domain registration package
they offer, I might add.

I explained I had created the A records on the external nameservers I'm
using, they told me that should be sufficient and to wait another 12
hours and try again.

But from what people are saying here, that appears to be a false

Unless the email I fired off to schlund helps, then I'm at a loss as to
what I do next
- John

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In article <ds1a14$1dnn$1 at> you write:
> When I contacted 1and1 they stated "your package doesn't allow the 
> creation of subdomains, so we can't help you with that"
> But due to the fact they don't host my DNS , then their ability to 
> create subdomains for my zone in the "package" seems irrelavant, or 
> maybe I'm not understanding something.

You need to talk with the registrar (the folks whom you pay your domain
bills to) for your DNS.

WHOIS info indicates that's Schlund+Partner AG, at

If you have some kind of customer account there where you can probably
perform various DNS modifications for your domain, then you can set up
the nameserver info there, including repointing to other nameservers.

I'm not clear on who or how relates to this stuff. If I'm
reading this right, no relation to


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