question regarding "glue domains"

John MacKenzie john at
Mon Feb 6 19:49:26 UTC 2006

Figured it out after MANY calls to 1and1. 

Apparently I needed to create a subdomain using 1and1's control panel,
despite the fact that a previous tech had stated this was not possible
with my package and also depite the fact that I already had the
subdomain in my own zone. 

So I created the subdomain, fixed the IP to it, and now all is well.

Thank you all for your help!

- John

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> When I contacted 1and1 they stated "your package doesn't allow the 
> creation of subdomains, so we can't help you with that"
> But due to the fact they don't host my DNS , then their ability to 
> create subdomains for my zone in the "package" seems irrelavant, or 
> maybe I'm not understanding something.
> The domain in question is
> =
> =
> Current NS =
> What I want :
> Is there any way I can get around 1and1 or better explain my needs? I 
> simply asked for a "glue domain for my nameserver"
> Would it be that setting my primary to would 
> create this glue record? But if so then I'm in a catch 22.
> From the info in their FAQ I believe I did everything they require. 
> Sorry if these are stupid questions, I'm just a little lost as to what

> I can do next.
> - John

Registering name servers (i.e. creating glue records) is one of the 
chief responsibilities of the registrar of the domain. 1and1 needs to 
provide a means by which this can be accomplished.

Unfortunately, 1and1 pretty much sucks as a registrar, so best of luck 
finding out from them how to accomplish this. As long as 1and1 is your 
registrar they are the only ones who will be able to register as a name server.

So, either you have to get 1and1 to do this, or you need to transfer the

domain to another registrar. Ask your DNS provider who they recommend.


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