Named process crash.

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Mon Feb 6 06:00:11 UTC 2006

> We had an air-conditioning failure today that heated up our machine room
> before the alarms went off on high-limits and we got paged.
> Anyway one of the servers (a DNS server) went down due to the heat today
> and now named keeps crashing at random intervals with this error.
> Feb  5 18:30:38 citytel1 named[285]: ns_main.c:829: INSIST(evRead(lev,
> rfd, &iov, 1, stream_getlen, sp, &sp->evID_r) != -1): Invalid argument failed
> .
> It seems to last for anywhere from 3-6 hrs. Weve had a cronjob that checks
> every 15 mins for named, and if not running named gets restarted.
> Now named has been running fine for a long time on this machine, with very
> few crashes, now starting today after the machine goes down hard due to,
> what I'm guessing is heat stroke, named has crashed 3 times.
> Ive seen errors before when named crashes but not like this one.
> Its an old BSD/OS 3.1 machine, named 8.3.4. I know its all old and will be
> phased out in the next few months, till then I'd like to keep it running a
> bit longer.
> Anyone know what that error is above? What does it mean?
> Thanks,
> Keith

	It's usually indicative of a bad time of day clock.

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