Named process crash.

Keith Woodworth kwoody at
Mon Feb 6 05:16:57 UTC 2006

We had an air-conditioning failure today that heated up our machine room
before the alarms went off on high-limits and we got paged.

Anyway one of the servers (a DNS server) went down due to the heat today
and now named keeps crashing at random intervals with this error.

Feb  5 18:30:38 citytel1 named[285]: ns_main.c:829: INSIST(evRead(lev,
rfd, &iov, 1, stream_getlen, sp, &sp->evID_r) != -1): Invalid argument failed.

It seems to last for anywhere from 3-6 hrs. Weve had a cronjob that checks
every 15 mins for named, and if not running named gets restarted.

Now named has been running fine for a long time on this machine, with very
few crashes, now starting today after the machine goes down hard due to,
what I'm guessing is heat stroke, named has crashed 3 times.

Ive seen errors before when named crashes but not like this one.

Its an old BSD/OS 3.1 machine, named 8.3.4. I know its all old and will be
phased out in the next few months, till then I'd like to keep it running a
bit longer.

Anyone know what that error is above? What does it mean?


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