ddns/dhcp secondary

rsesnaski at yahoo.com rsesnaski at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 7 14:57:01 UTC 2006

Hans wrote:
> > NIS has it's master/slave, DNS it's primary/secondary is there someway
> > to have two DHCP servers on a network backing up each other and
> > have the servers dynamically updating each other. Pointer to info would
> > be appreciated.
> That's called dhcp failover.
> But this is the bind news group.
> Not that of dhcp.
> Pointers ? ever heard of google ?

I read your two replies Hans and all I can say is - who pissed in your
corn flakes? Sorry I'm not up to date on the name change of
primary/secondary to master/slave, it's been awhile since I had
to manage DNS with the layoffs and all. I posted here because of
the DDNS link to DHCP and I couldn't see a better place to post.
However, I do thank you for one little thing your two words of
"dhcp failover".


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