Urgent help - reverse lookup failures

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Sat Feb 11 01:07:35 UTC 2006

In article <dsjcn6$1meg$1 at sf1.isc.org>,
 Netfortius <netfortius at gmail.com> wrote:

> I apologize for the "urgent" in the title, but I am having a real huge 
> problem, caused by reverse DNS failures, and I do not know where to correct 
> it. Here is the sequence of events, and the issue itself:
> Settings prior to a change we had to carry out today (irreversible change, by 
> the way):
> - name server for my company on machine ns.domain.com - and pointing to the 
> IP 
> x.y.z.W
> - an old web server installed on the same system, called www.domain.com - 
> obviously pointing to the same IP x.y.z.W
> Prior to the change I have checked the parents of my domain.com (via 
> dnsreport.com), and found that my two name servers were acknowledged to exist 
> @ ns.domain.com (and a secondary one, hosted by my ISP - irrelevant for the 
> problem)
> Then the change came, in the form of: www.domain.com being given a new IP 
> (x.y.z.T), i.e. we have finally built the web server on its own box, and 
> moved it from the name server original host.
> Running a checkup afterwards, all direct name resolutions work fine, as 
> everybody queries my existing ns.domain.com, BUT all the reverse lookups for 
> the address pool I have (x.y.z.<something>) started failing, because they 
> query the www.domain.com (?!? instead of ns.domain.com ?!?), which - not 
> "being on" the name server IP anymore - obviously cannot resolve anything ...
> So - where is this information saved (i.e. which system to query for a 
> reverse 
> lookup for a specific domain), and how could I fix the above described 
> failure?
> TIA,
> Stef

It would have been infinitely easier for us to help you if you had given 
the REAL x.y.z.W instead of hiding it.  The people who need to do 
reverse lookups already know you've messed up, is it really much more 
embarassing to divulge who you are here?

Anyway, the delegation is most likely in the y.x.in-addr.arpa zone, 
which is probably hosted by your ISP.  And if the lookups are completely 
failing, despite the fact that there's no name server running on 
www.domain.com, it suggests that you also don't have a slave server for 
your reverse zone.

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