Is DNS MX Record Required For Email?

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Tue Feb 14 01:05:44 UTC 2006

> Is it possible to by-pass the DNS lookup for email like it is for HTTP and 
> FTP? Is there something about the MX record in DNS that requires a 
> "User at" type address for it to work?
> Here's why I ask.
> I have a static, always-on IP address coming into my house. I run Web and 
> FTP servers on my PC.  They work fine, and have for a long time. My OS is 
> Windows NT 2000 Professional.
> When I scan my ports from a remote machine I get what I expect, which is:
> 21 (FTP): Open
> 25 (SMTP): Open
> 80 (WWW): Open
> 110 (POP3): Open
> 143 (IMAP): Open
> I only share data with people I do business with. I prefer to just use my IP 
> address instead of aliasing it with a domain name. (For these examples I'll 
> use "", which is of course not my IP. But it's easier to type.) There 
> is no DNS entry for "" anywhere.
> "" gets into my web server without a problem.
> "ftp" (DOS prompt) gets to my FTP folder without a problem.
> But..., when I send an email to "User at" it fails. I have a mail 
> account with a Windows based ISP and am experimenting sending mail from it 
> to "User at". It doesn't work.
	Well to send email to a IP address the correct syntax is
> I have my the mail server on my machine configured correctly. And have the 
> domain/accounts set up like they should be, including a "User at" 
> account.
> Any thoughts/tips greatly appreciated. 
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