Keith Woodworth kwoody at
Wed Feb 15 00:24:41 UTC 2006

We had to take a nameserver out of operation, We host
about a dozen domains and a bunch of them have ns2 as a secondary.

Ive been trying to contact the owners of those domains for about 2 months
before the server went offline and Ive tried a few times since the
server went offline to get them to change the records and now I give up.

The domains are still active on the primary so they do still have one auth
server for them but I dont want to put ns2 back online as it was due to
be phased out anyway cause it was *ancient*.

On the primary servers now we are getting NXDomain for
Now I could either put a server on that, which I'd rather not have to do,
or do something within the zone to point to an existing
server to act as

Can I just put in another A record to point to one of the other NS
machines? Or, add a CNAME to another machine?

I seem to recall that having a CNAME for a nameserver is Not a Good Thing.
But mostly I just want to get rid of all the NXDomain errors in the logs.


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