Removing root zone hints for authoritative nameservers

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Sat Feb 18 00:37:08 UTC 2006

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 Wiley Sanders <bind at> wrote:

> Thanks to all who replied to my query. I'm not going to remove the
> root zone hints just yet, they are cached and don't really hurt
> performance that much.
> What's interesting is that I enabled zone-statistics and I'm having
> fun looking at the data. I've found that I am sending "referral
> responses" for reverse zones I *am* authoritative for, and for a valid
> reason - "classless" reverse delegation. These zones are somewhat
> oddly configured, with an NS record assigned to each of the individual
> IPs in the class-C. For example:

If you have an NS record for the subdomain, then you are *not* 
authoritative for it.  Authority stops at NS records.  E.g. the GTLD 
servers are authoritative for COM, but they're not authoritative for 

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