Resolver (bind-9.3.2) eats processor

Marco Schumann schumann at
Wed Feb 15 21:13:05 UTC 2006


last week I upgraded several nameservers from bind-9.3.1 to bind-9.3.2.
The named seemed to work properly, but since then all of the resolver
machines show phases of slow answering, 100% CPU consumption over hours
and a constant load.

I collected some data, you can find them incl. machine and compilation
data at

I don't know any further. The authoritative machines with the same bind
version seem to be OK.

I downgraded all resolvers but one to 9.3.1, hoping my problems are gone
since they haven't been there before.

If anybody has a hint I would like to hear about it, thanks.

Kind regards
Marco Schumann

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