dnsauth3.sys.gtei.net DNS record is poisoned???

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Thu Feb 16 04:48:31 UTC 2006

In article <dsvk87$16ec$1 at sf1.isc.org>,
 Joe Shen <joe_hznm at yahoo.com.sg> wrote:

> Hi,
> Today, some of our customers could not resolve
> state.gov by our cache server. 
> I found state.gov is served by dnsauth1.sys.gtei.net,
> dnsauth2.sys.gtei.net, dnsauth3.sys.gtei.net. Using
> some others' DNS servers I found their IP addresses
> should be,, But, our cache
> server(BIND9.3.1) got some othere IPs( I've tried
> restart bind9.3.1). So, it always failed to resolve
> state.gov. After restarting BIND9.3.1 again, I did
> "rndc flush" for several times, then it comes back. 
> Why? is there something poisoned ?

Dump your cache and see where the records came from.

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