luke lgrady at
Fri Feb 17 20:34:32 UTC 2006

hi, i currently from working with a couple of
subdomains, namely, www. mail. etc...
all through godaddy's dns. i have a dynamic ip address, so i can't run my
own dns for
i want to add another subdomain, and setup and a few other subdomains
for the primary dns is still going to have to be through
godaddy, but if i add an a record for blah
pointing to the same ip address as will requests for query the godaddy's name
server or the one running on my machine? currently, www. mail. etc. are
CNAME records at godaddy's dns. hope this
makes sense. i'm new to dns and don't really have the terminology down, but
i'm reading lots of online docs and picking
it up slowly but surely. thanks

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