Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri Feb 17 23:54:52 UTC 2006

luke wrote:

>hi, i currently from working with a couple of
>subdomains, namely, www. mail. etc...
>all through godaddy's dns. i have a dynamic ip address, so i can't run my
>own dns for
>i want to add another subdomain, and setup
> and a few other subdomains
>for the primary dns is still going to have to be through
>godaddy, but if i add an a record for blah
>pointing to the same ip address as will requests for
> query the godaddy's name
>server or the one running on my machine? currently, www. mail. etc. are
>CNAME records at godaddy's dns. hope this
>makes sense. i'm new to dns and don't really have the terminology down, but
>i'm reading lots of online docs and picking
>it up slowly but surely. thanks

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